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Create your own fully personalised candle - with a custom scent & one-of-a-kind artisan design

Welcome to the world of scent, where emotion and memory intertwine with incredible strength.

Did you know that scent holds a unique and special place among our senses? Its direct and strong linkage to memory and emotions makes it a powerful tool, capable of evoking nostalgic and deeply meaningful experiences. That's why no scent fits all. 

At WoodArt Valley, our vision was to craft the ultimate personalized candle service, one that captures the essence of your unique memories – from a cherished wedding day to the warmth of someone you love or the nostalgia of a place you miss dearly.

Say goodbuy to the limitations of pre-made fragrances and generic designs. With Custom Candle by WoodArt Valley, you wield the creative power, shaping and describing not only your very own signature scent but also crafting a visually stunning and fully personalized artisan design - an embodiment of your unique personality, handcrafted exclusively by you!

We specialize in crafting handmade candles with artisan designs, curated using beautiful elements like whipped and frothed soy wax and meticulously handcrafted decorative details. Each candle is a masterpiece, with perfect attention to details, ensuring that every little element is crafted individually to perfection. Whether you're enchanted by dessert-inspired candles or prefer the allure of floral, fruity, or herbal themes - we can craft a candle that encapsulates your unique preferences and style, making every scent journey an unforgettable experience.

Custom Candle transcends beyond a mere candle; it transforms into an artful masterpiece, making it the ideal gift for that special someone or a delightful indulgence to cherish for yourself. 

Custom Candle Creation: Your Scent, Your Style!

How it works ? 


Take our quiz and reveal your dream candle!

First, take our quiz! It will help us understand your preferences, from your favorite scents to colours and styles. It's effortless! Feel free to share any relevant details, like who the candle is for, the occasion, or what you want it to remind you of. Your input will help us create the perfect, personalized candle just for you.


Creative Crafting Begins!

We review your answers and begin the creation process! We will determine the best notes and design elements for you. Than we will create a completely custom scent, especially for you, and craft a unique, artisan candle with it. It will also have a one-of-a-kind label and dedication, that you would like. 


Your candle arrives 

After we create your candle, it will need to cure properly for min. 10 days, to ensure perfect performance & scent throw. 

After that, we'll deliver your custom candle to the specified address. Then, get ready for the ultimate sensory experience to unfold!

Need help ? 

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