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Product lines

At WoodArt Valley we are environment enthusiasts who love nature & admire its incredible beauty. Our items are created using naturally fallen trees from Yarra Ranges region or various wood rejects.  

These items are grouped into product lines, based on the origin of wood, its type, availability or the inspiration behind them to help you create your dream farmhouse style home decor.


Raw Beauty

The Raw Beauty line is created from naturally fallen branches and trees from the gorgeous region of Yarra Ranges in Victoria. 

This lines includes a great variety of products, from wood slices to versatile candle holders: anything & everything to make your home a warm and cosy place.

These creations are great to add some natural charm to any interior, fuel your creativity through DIY projects or give a beautiful gift to loved ones.

The Raw Beauty line, just like a living organism, is constantly growing and expanding. 


No, this is not a line just for single people :) 

The items from Singles line are a perfect reflection of Nature's unique beauty and inspiration. 

Working with wood rejects & naturally fallen branches means that we sometimes come across pieces that give us inspiration for great items, but are very hard to "reproduce". 

This can be for example because they include a unique side-branching or curving of the tree or are a rare and unusually shaped reject. 

Due to that, each product in this line comes in very limited amount

(we won't lie: it's probably one).



The Hardwood Collection

embodies class, style and elegance. This beautiful line includes products made explicitly from hardwood rejects. 


Hardwood is typically obtained from broad-leaved deciduous trees, which shed their leaves during autumn and winter (such as e.g. oak or maple). It's most commonly used in high quality furniture and cabinetry. 


Hardwood has a specific composition, containing a higher amount of natural structural polymers (like cellulose and lignin). This is reflected in absolutely beautiful natural 'patterns' of hardwood. 

Distinctly harder to work with, but incredibly beautiful in itself, hardwood guarantees durability paired with style & elegance. 

Kate's Moss.jpg

Kate's Moss

The Kate's Moss Collection is a unique line of products made from our wood slices and wildcrafted preserved moss. 


Wildcrafting is an art of harvesting plant material from its natural (or "wild") habitat. The moss used in products from Kate's Moss line is collected from Victorian forests, always in a sustainable manner: only in small amounts & with care to not damage the colony or prevent it's re-growth. 


Moss incorporated in items is dried & preserved. This allows to maintain its appearance & the characteristic softness for years. All preservatives are non-toxic, food-grade and pet friendly (in case your fury friend decides to munch on it). 


Moss prepared in this way is no longer a living organism and will not grow, however it will keep its great look! 

All items in Kate's Moss Collection are handmade, absolutely unique & most certainly eye-catching!




Our Potpourri is designed to create beautiful interior decor, bring incredible scent to your room & provide you with plenty of aromatherapy benefits! 

Potpourri by WoodArt Valley is entirely handcrafted in a traditional way. It contains only naturally grown plant material that was hand-picked, air-dried & incubated with essential oils and orris root extract for several weeks. The whole process takes few months.

We don't use any artificial chemicals in our potpourri. No chemical stiffeners, artificial colouring or synthetic fragrance oils (yup, all of that is in commercially produced potpourri). 

Such potpourri is non-toxic & pet-friendly

(think of your fury friend, who might be tempted to munch on potpourri!).


It also has actual aromatherapy benefits :) 

(which you won't get from commercially produced potpourri)

It's a laborious process - but the effect is stunning & totally worth it!




Creating candles is our massive passion!


We believe that the secret to perfect candle lies in the right mixture of ingredients: some quality products, a dose of patience & precision, a hint of creativity, a bit of experience & a load of love.

All our candles are handmade, using 100% pure Australian soybean wax and high quality, lead-free cotton wicks. For coloured and scented candles, we use only the highest quality Australian non-toxic products.


Our candles are vegan, do not contain palm oil and are created only with products that were developed in cruelty-free way.

Every single candle is hand-poured using a small batch technique that ensures proper attention & quality. Each candle is then manually detailed and cured for 14 days. 


Every developed candle is extensively tested to ensure optimal melting, fragrance & performance as well as safety.

We hope that our candles will help you create a beautiful home with relaxing space and bring you joy & happiness.


So sit back, relax and enjoy the moment!

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